Irys® System

The Irys System

The breakthrough Irys System makes routine analysis of whole genomes possible for virtually any lab. From labeling and processing long DNA to data analysis, Irys is the complete solution.
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The New IrysChip™ V2

The IrysChip revolutionized genome analysis by utilizing massively parallel NanoChannel arrays to linearize extremely long DNA. IrysChip V2 improves on its predecessor with over 15x the throughput.
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Structural Variation

Structural variants have evaded detection due to ineffective tools. Irys directly measures insertions, deletions, inversions and complex rearrangements in extremely long molecule "reads."
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Irys offers researchers in all fields the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive view of genome biology by assembling complex genomes, quantifying repeats, phasing haplotypes and more.
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About BioNano Genomics

BioNano Genomics introduces a more complete way of looking at DNA and chromosomes. With our revolutionary Irys genome mapping platform and NanoChannel technology, you can conduct unique studies to gain a comprehensive picture of genome biology, including structural variation.

The Irys System allows you to visualize whole genomes of any organism, including humans. By capturing extremely long molecules at high resolution, Irys delivers genome maps that allow you to:

  • Gain novel insight into structural variation that underlies phenotypic variation.
  • Achieve more complete assemblies, faster, using a comprehensive view of the whole genome for de novo assembly and finishing.
  • Unlock true genome biology with a range of applications that leverage single-molecule imaging that retains genomic architecture and context.

Avoid the hassle and bias of amplification or shearing and dissect complex mixtures at a single-molecule level, rather than losing rare variants in an averaged measurement. The cost-effective, high-throughput Irys system precisely characterizes genomic events in context of the entire genome, for more complete understanding.